Secure your internet world with the simple tips

Despite of all the preventive measures taken regarding cyber security, the bugs of internet world have been strengthened more. Almost every big corporation in the world has faced the data breach in last 2 months. Google, Microsoft, eBay, Target, etc. were the huge marks for the hackers.

Millions of the internet users got affected by these breach and half of the Americans are still recovering from it. But, you can still try to secure yourself from these nasty hackers. Just follow some very reasonable internet security tips, which are:

-          Avoid using the similar passwords for all of your accounts on internet. By doing this, you will be giving free hand to the hackers to access all of your online accounts.

-          You can make your password with the help of acronyms. Make sure that your passwords are extremely unusual and strong so that no one can guess them easily.

-          In your security software, the bugs have also been found, therefore, do update them regularly.

-          Install the app from the authorized company or developer instead of installing from the illegitimate developers.

-          Do not put unknown USB or hard drive in your computer.

Secure your internet world with the simple tips

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