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Security analytics and threat intel services provider Secureworks has set up a cloud data storage instance in Frankfurt, Germany to more effectively supply its recently launched Taegis extended detection and response (XDR) platform to customers and channel partners who prefer to store their telemetry data within the European Union (EU).

While Secureworks has not itself directly linked the move to Brexit, it said the new location would give its EU-based customers more control over their data and enhance its ability to meet rising demand for cyber security services across Europe. Additionally, it said, it will now be able to offer greater assurances to users in terms of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Taegis service is regularly updated based on input from Secureworks customers – it has already added 50 new features since its February 2021 launch, including custom rules creation, user-defined reporting and the release of an advanced search language. An EU location for data residency requirements was another top request, said Secureworks.

“We are committed to addressing our customers’ feedback and giving them and our partners more choice in how they protect their organisations,” said Steve Fulton, chief product officer of Secureworks.

“Some organisations need more autonomy to control where their security telemetry data is stored, as well as safeguards for securing their data while in transit,” he said.

“We’re proud to give those customers and partners greater choice over where their data resides and, as a result, continue to increase our investment in the EU as we enable more organisations to take full advantage of Secureworks Taegis XDR.” 

Besides its main London and Edinburgh operations, Secureworks has a number of other locations within the EU itself, including offices in Paris and a Security Centre of Excellence in Bucharest. It also operates from Dell offices in Amsterdam – Dell bought Secureworks in 2011 and retains a majority stake, having spun the company back out in a 2016 IPO.

The Taegis XDR platform is a cloud native, software-as-a-service offering that combines security operations, threat intelligence and artificial intelligence based analytics, supposedly enhancing the ability of customer security teams to detect, investigate and respond to security incidents quickly and accurately.

A study conducted by analysts ESG on Secureworks’ behalf found that organisations increasingly see XDR as offering a path to increased security efficiency – respondents to the survey said their top threat detection and response goals were improving detection of advanced threats, increasing automation tasks, improving response times and gaining visibility into risks.

Participating organisations said they saw XDR as a potential path to helping detect, identify and understand complex cyber attacks.

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