Security & Counter Terror Expo

General Cybersecurity Conference

 March 6 – 7, 2018 | London, United Kingdom

Cybersecurity Conference Description 

Cyber-attacks are the newest and potentially most disruptive threat to national security. The NHS and Deloitte have recently been hit by cyber-attacks, threatening the security and infrastructure of these integral organisations. The National Cyber Security Centre reported more than 1,000 attacks in its first year of operation.

As the number of threats to cyber infrastructure increases, so does the vital need to secure and protect all communications, banking, personal information and documents transmitted online. The market is growing rapidly and is now estimated at £3.4 billion, opening the way for new innovation to protect against these threats.

Join over 1,000 leading experts, government, law enforcement, military and security leaders at SCTX 2018 at the UK’s fastest growing cyber security event.

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