Security Experts: Getting to your money is top target for hackers in 2015


2014: The year of the hacker.

It started with Target and ended with Sony.

And in the middle other big box stores, websites and even celebrity smart phones.

Cyber security experts say 2015 will bring new challenges.

“We expect cybercrime to escalate even more than it has in the past both in the number of attacks but also in their sophistication,” said Patrick Nielsen is a senior security researcher with Kaspersky Lab.

His prediction: criminals will still go after corporations directly looking for the big score, but more attacks will trickle down to you.

“An attack on one organization can compromise the privacy, security, confidentiality and intimacy of hundreds of thousands of people if not millions,” said Nielsen.

Topping that target list: banks.

Experts warn thieves will remotely control those ATM’s in real time even commanding it to dispense cash.

Also topping the list: Virtual Payment Networks.

Experts say the new ‘apple pay’ may be secure, but some technologies will come out and be very secure from the beginning and may not suffer catastrophic attacks. Others will come out without having been tested very much.

And finally beware of your work e-mail.

Click the wrong link and you’ve opened your office, your entire company to an intruder.

“No matter what I do after that it’s downloaded this bad software that gets access to my computer, turns it into a zombie, whole network is infected,” explained the chief editor of CNET.

 So how do you protect yourself?

Constantly change your passwords and look at links before you click.

And if you’re using your smart phone to bank or buy? Find an app that requires a pin number to get in and then a password to do business.

It’s unlikely a criminal will be able to get your password and also your phone at the same time.