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Security Researchers Raise The Alarm As More Than 100,000 ChatGPT Accounts Breached By Hackers / Digital Information World | #cybercrime | #infosec

Top tech giant OpenAI is under a lot of pressure recently after users’ ChatGPT accounts were the target of hackers.

More than 100,000 accounts were breached of their security, it was reported. Meanwhile, the news claims that such reports are a clear hint of how poor the security was in place and how accountholders should get better password practices in place to ward off such risks.

Two-factor authentication is just one of the many suggestions that were recently put up while others were linked to adding stricter policies for use.

Now, shocking reports have gone as far as to mention that the accounts that were hacked were compromised of their personal data and that is now being sold in various spots on the dark web.

Clearly, users are not happy and demand a clear justification while others are taking one step back from making more accounts until and unless the security gets better with time.

This incident did not arise overnight but has been taking place for a year now. We’re talking about the month of May last year and June this year. Moreover, the report produced by Group-IB says the data was unraveled through stolen data logs that were put on sale by various apps offering cybercrime activities like these.

As far as where the incident arose the most was concerned or which nation had the most accounts breached, it was India. The latter had more than 12,000 users’ accounts hacked, more than any other nation around the globe.

But that’s not surprising considering the fact that the country’s tech industry is booming and how it’s adopting the platform with open arms and really reaping the benefits of AI power to better client service and enhance the productivity of their respective workforce too.

Meanwhile, there are a few other nations that are following closely in terms of being affected the most. This includes nations like Pakistan, Egypt, the US, Bangladesh, Brazil, France, and Vietnam.

Such a huge impact proves that this form of AI technology is so famous in so many places and cultures. Therefore, such mishaps by OpenAI cannot be afforded by such companies who are depending so much on AI technology for their progress and development.

As it is, stealing personal data is a cybercrime that the world has been dealing with for so long, and having one of the world’s most popular tools can only spell more trouble.

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