Self-Driving cars could lead to the car-jacking!

The two-seater model cars by the Google have been out. This car has all its computerized accelerators, steering, and it has speed of 25 mph maximum.

As compare to the Boeing 787, this vehicle contains the 10 million lines of code and more than that. In Boeing, there are 18 million lines of code. This car has 60 microprocessors too.

IHS Automotive approximates that there will be around 152 million connected cars on the roads. Right now, there are 26 million cars running around on the roads. There is a location-based data technology in some cars with which the driver gets to know about the exact location of his car.

In the upcoming cars, we can also expect that cars will have the ability of downloading apps, warn people when they are sleepy, play music, let people know when their sugar level is down, and do the navigation system.

The experts and the lawmakers are concerned that what will happen to the security of these vehicles as they will collect the information of the users. Self-Driving cars could lead to the carjacking!,,,

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