Serial con woman admits cheating 10 people, including boyfriend’s parents, of over $880k | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans

SINGAPORE – Over six years, a serial con woman cheated 10 people – including her husband’s former colleague and men she deceived in love scams – of more than $880,000 in total.

Among other things, Joceyln Kwek Sok Koon had also worked with one Lai Sze Yin, with whom she had an extra-marital affair, to cheat his parents and younger sister of cash.

Lai, then 28, was earlier sentenced to 15 months’ jail in June 2021, and his mother told police that she had been scammed of her entire savings.

Kwek, 49, who committed some of her offences when she was out on bail, pleaded guilty on Thursday to seven charges including multiple counts of cheating.

The scammer, who was then a mother of two, and Lai first met in July 2016 when he delivered a parcel to her home. They became a couple the following month.

She later pretended to be a woman called Rachel Lam, and Lai told his parents that he was dating this fictitious figure.

Kwek, who was then in the business of selling bags, would often speak to Lai’s mother over the phone while posing as Rachel.

Over time, his family grew to trust the woman even though they had never met her in person.

On or around May 22, 2017, Kwek told Lai that she needed $8,000 to fund her business.

The couple then hatched a plan to cheat his mother by claiming that they needed a loan to purportedly buy a car. The elderly woman later handed her son $9,000.

On Oct 1, 2017, Kwek instigated Lai to cheat his father in a purported investment opportunity with a bank that would supposedly allow the elderly man to earn 21 per cent interest on the principal amount.

His parents and sister were later duped of $150,454 in total. Soon after, the elderly couple pursued Kwek for their investment returns and Lai’s mother finally alerted the police on Oct 30, 2018.

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