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British and American authorities are hunting seven men suspected of being involved in a cyber hacking ring operated by the Chinese authorities with targets including politicians and businesses

Seven suspects wanted by US and UK authorities(US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE/UNPIXS)

Seven suspects wanted over a cyber hacking ring operated by the Chinese during 14 years are being hunted by UK and US authorities.

Images of the men aged between 34 and 38, all believed to be living in China, were released after they were charged by US prosecutors with a wide range of espionage including hacking politicians and businesses.

There has been confirmation that Chinese spies were behind “malicious” cyber attacks on the Electoral Commission and individual MPs and peers. Former cabinet ministers Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Suella Braverman have both featured among the prominent backbench voices calling for China to be labelled a threat.

And the US Department of Justice has alleged that more than 10,000 malicious emails were sent by the cyber hacking ring which aimed to threaten national security. Once opened, the emails installed tracking software that allowed the hackers to know the victims’ location, IP addresses and even the devices they used to get email.

The hackers further leveraged that tracking to target home routers and other devices, “including those of high-ranking US government officials and politicians and election campaign staff from both major US political parties,” the US claims.

The intention of the campaign, which officials say began in 2010, was to harass critics of the Chinese government, steal trade secrets of American corporations and to spy on and track high-level political figures. Western officials disclosed the operation, carried out by a hacking group known as APT31, while sounding a fresh, election-year alarm about a country long seen as having advanced espionage capabilities.

The British government, in a related announcement, imposed sanctions on a front company and two of the defendants in connection with a breach that may have given the Chinese access to information on tens of millions of U.K. voters held by the Electoral Commission.

The seven men being sought by authorities are Ni Gaobin, 38; Weng Ming, 37; Cheng Feng, 34; Peng Yaowen, 38; Sun Xiaohui, 38; Xiong Wang, 35; and Zhao Guangzong, 38. And the UK has issued sanctions against Guangzong and Gaobin, meaning that their UK assets have been frozen and the businesses Wuhan Xiaoruizhi Science and Technology Company.


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