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Man charged with violating registry

A former New London man was charged with violating the terms of the sex offender registry after he was deported to Mexico.

On Feb. 18, Waupaca County Judge Raymond Huber placed Martin Luna-Hernandez, 24, on five years of probation with one year in jail following a conviction of third-degree sexual assault.

Huber gave Luna-Hernandez 283 days credit on his jail term for the time he served while in custody on a $200,000 cash bond.

Luna-Hernandez was also required to register as a sex offender and keep authorities informed of his residence.

On July 17, his probation officer informed the sex offender registry that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had moved Luna-Hernandez to a detention facility in Dodge County.

On July 18, registry staff mailed a letter to Luna-Hernandez at the detention facility to verify and update his address. He replied to the letter on July 26.

On Aug. 7, ICE informed the Sex Offender Registry that they had deported him to Mexico. Luna-Hernandez did not update his address with the registry.

On Aug. 23, registry staff sent a letter to the address of Luna-Hernandez’s wife and mother in Mexico. The registry did not receive a response.

In Wisconsin, convicted sex offenders must inform the registry of where they live even if they are deported.

Waupaca County Circuit Court sent a summons to appear in court to the family’s address in Mexico on Oct. 12.

If convicted of violating the sex offender registry, Luna-Hernandez faces up to six years in prison.

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