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Sex offender jailed on two indecent exposure charges | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

    Wharton was ordered jailed on $20,000 total bail on his new charges that include one count of possessing methamphetamine on June 1.

    Wharton was arrested at 1:53 pm on June 1 by Stillwater Police Officer Charles Rivas, who had been sent to the area of Hall of Fame Ave. and Perkins Road regarding a report of indecent exposure, according to his affidavit.

    “I asked Michael if he had been showing his ‘junk’ to people. He told me he has not been. While Officer Byron Goree continued talking to Michael, I observed Michael reach into his right pocket,” and pull his right hand out before a small baggy of suspected methamphetamine fell on the grass, Officer Rivas alleged in his affidavit.

    “I asked Michael if that was his meth. He told me no. I told him I observed it fall out of his pocket. He then told me he guesses it was his.

    “Michael was carrying a gym bag and had the bag positioned to the front of his body; the bag was covering his genitalia area. I observed Officer Goree take hold of the bag to remove it from Michael. Officer Goree then told me Michael’s genitalia was hanging out of the zipper of his shorts.

    “I then searched Michael and found a meth pipe in his front left shorts pocket. I asked Michael when he last smoked meth. He told me he had smoked meth this morning,” Officer Rivas alleged in his affidavit.

    Officer Goree’s affidavit supplement alleged, “I observed that he had an emblem on the bottom right corner of his DL stating he was a sex offender. I inquired about the emblem, and Michael told me that he had been a registered sex offender since 99′,” when he was caught exposing himself.

    The reporting party alleged, “he had witnessed Michael walking from McElroy Road to the area of ‘5 Guys Burgers.’ He said he observed Michael move his duffle bag several times to expose his open zipper and genitalia. (He) told me that at first he thought maybe it was an accident, but the longer he observed Michael, it appeared that his conduct was blatant.”

    The reporting party alleged that the suspect “would move his duffle bag just as cars were approaching, and when the cars passed, he would place the duffle bag back in front of his torso. He stated he observed this several times in the short time Michael was walking in his view,” Officer Goree alleged.

    According to court records and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, when Wharton was living in Glencoe he was convicted of:

    * indecent exposure in 1996 in Payne County for which he was given five years of probation with a sex offender’s program in 1997;

    * indecent exposure, three counts, in 1999 in Payne County for which he was given three years of probation in 2001;

    * drug possession with intent to distribute in 2014 in Pawnee County for which he was given a 12-year prison term in 2015 and incarcerated for four years before being released in 2019.

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