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Judge Stephanie Edwards imposed a special condition not to possess or consume alcohol.


Judge Stephanie Edwards imposed a special condition not to possess or consume alcohol.

A court has heard a convicted paedophile is doing his best to abstain from alcohol – a vice he says fuelled his offending.

Trevor Graham Albert De Cent was jailed in April 2018 for indecently assaulting children between the ages of 3 and 13.

The offending, which occurred from 1995 to 2002, included him fondling and touching children’s genitals.

The victims’ names were automatically suppressed.

De Cent was declined parole in November, but left prison on his statutory release date in January with standard release conditions that expired in July.

However, De Cent pleaded guilty in March to twice breaching those conditions and was imprisoned for two months.

In the Palmerston North District Court on Tuesday, Judge Stephanie Edwards said both charges related to the use of alcohol.

De Cent was released from that sentence on standard conditions but, in July, Corrections filed an application to “add a number of special” ones.

Edwards said the application should have been brought before the original sentencing judge, but he was not available until November – the day the conditions expired.

“It’s not for another district court judge to second guess another judge’s decision.”

But the matter had already been remanded twice and defence lawyer Marina Anderson said her client was “no longer” opposing Corrections’ application.

She said De Cent had engaged in drug and alcohol counselling and provided letters of support to the court.


A former All Black has gone on trial accused of sexually abusing his daughter in the 1990s.

Edwards said any concerns about De Cent’s ongoing risk in a pre-sentence report passed to her appeared to be “focused on his alcoholism and issues with alcohol”.

He was also evicted from his sister’s home and there was a suggestion drinking was the underlying cause.

“On that basis, I am prepared to impose a special condition prohibiting possessing or consuming alcohol.”

The other conditions sought, including a request for him to engage in counselling, were “unnecessary”.

Corrections also wanted a non-contact order with anyone under 16, but Edwards said that related to his “original” offending and the parole period for that sentence had ended.

The summary of facts about those crimes said De Cent’s sexual offending was first discovered in 2002.

“At the conclusion of the investigation, no prosecution was commenced, largely due to the age of the children, the quality of their disclosures at interview and the effect a trial would likely have on them.”

The abuse was again investigated several years later, but De Cent was not prosecuted.

It wasn’t until 2015 when one of his victims opened up about the abuse that police launched another investigation.

De Cent’s sentencing judge noted a psychological report that said he had a history of abuse and bouts with depression.

He was assessed as posing little risk of reoffending, and a strike warning was issued.

De Cent’s name was also placed on the child sex offender register.

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