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The Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registration Unit collects information about registered sexual or violent offenders from the registering agency, which may be a court, a state or local correctional facility or a probation or parole agency, or directly from offenders.

The unit attempts to include only accurate, complete information in the Registry, and updates this information regularly. Users are cautioned that the information provided on this website is information of record that is reported to the unit and may not reflect the most recent residence, status or other information regarding an offender. The unit makes no express or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy of this data.

The main purpose of providing this data on the Internet is to make the information more easily available and accessible, not to warn about any specific individual. Users are cautioned that positive identification of an individual cannot be conclusively established by comparing name, date of birth, Social Security number or other information with that provided in this Registry. Comparisons based on appearance may also be misleading, and cannot establish a positive identification without some possibility of error.

Anyone who uses this information to injure, harass or commit a criminal act against any person may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Also note the following limitations and cautions.

  • The unit does not independently verify the registration information provided by the various registering agencies.
  • Because the Registry is dynamic in nature, you should check the site routinely to ensure that you have the most accurate information available. Printing or saving information from the Registry could result in using outdated information.
  • The Registry contains identifying information and information about the offense for which the sexual or violent offender is registered. It does not reflect the entire criminal history of a listed sexual or violent offender.
  • The offender mapping feature is provided through bing maps and the unit has no control over how bing locates an address from the Registry on its maps.

If you believe that any of the Registry information is in error, please contact the Registry.

By using this site you agree to these terms of use.

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