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Sexual predator Josh Vassallo sentenced to 22 years in jail as his two teen victims form unique bond | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

By Pranav Harish For Daily Mail Australia

07:04 09 Sep 2023, updated 07:04 09 Sep 2023

A man who raped two teenage girls and tortured another man has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for the violent crimes – as the two separate female victims formed a unique bond during the case.

Josh Vassallo was sentenced on Friday in the Victorian County Court for the offences, which Judge Helen Syme described as ‘cruel and selfish acts’.

The two victims met in court for the first time during Vassallo’s trial. 

Josh Vassallo (pictured left) was sentenced to 22 years behind bars after he raped two teenage girls

One victim Kylee told Nine News justice had prevailed for both of them following the man’s sentencing. 

‘We have each other now, we fought the battle together and we made it,’ she said. 

Kylee was raped by the now 27-year-old man in 2019, after he drove the then 14-year-old girl in his car to a reserve in Point Cook, in Melbourne’s south-west.

Vassallo picked Kylee up from her home earlier that night before telling her he would take her to McDonald’s. 

After driving her to the reserve in his car, the teenager tried to escape but couldn’t hold off Vassallo and was dragged by her ankles, forced back into the car and raped.

She later managed to get away and ran back home. 

In November 2020, Vasallo raped another teen who he met through a mutual friend. 

Vassallo picked up the 15-year-old victim and another girl from a family lunch in Port Melbourne, before he drugged her with GHB. 

After driving around Melbourne’s western suburbs for four hours, he dropped the other girl off back home, before raping the 15-year-old girl while she had passed out from taking the drug. 

He later parked the car at a shopping centre in Werribee and went to buy bread rolls, leaving his unconscious victim locked inside the vehicle.  

Vassallo raped two teenage girls (pictured left) in separate incidents and was found guilty of the offences in the Victorian County Court on Friday

The serial offender also kidnapped and tortured a man, after he asked him to fix his car. 

The man was beaten by Vaasallo with a crowbar and was pushed into a toilet before he was made to eat dog food. 

Vassallo, who was already behind bars on an unrelated charge, had attempted to threaten a child witness to change her evidence on his rape charge. 

He told his cellmate who was about to be released to give a letter to a friend of Vassallo’s, to threaten her in exchange for money. 

Judge Syme said Vassallo’s callous actions damaged and harmed his vulnerable victims. 

The court heard Vassallo also kidnapped and tortured a man, after he asked him to fix his car and forced him to eat dog food after he was hit with a crowbar

‘Your offending has profoundly impacted the lives of the complainants and their families,’ Ms Syme told Vassallo.

‘The impact has been significant and at times overwhelming. 

‘Each complainant has had their lives irrevocably changed for the worst by your cruel and selfish acts.’

Vasallo will be eligible for parole in 14 years.  

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