Shadow Brokers Claims Possession of More Hacking Programs, Threatens to Dump

The hackers’ syndicate, which claims data it stole and dumped online helping assaults by WannaCry the latest ransomware, is now spreading scare that it’ll expose one fresh batch of hacking programs that it apparently captured from USA’s NSA (National Security Agency).

Asserting it leaked NSA tools which facilitated the dissemination of WannaCry worldwide especially UK’s NHS, the hackers’ group Shadow Brokers declared it possessed one fresh collection of tools along with security flaws within newer software. Those possibly getting targeted are devices with Microsoft’s Windows 10 that stayed undisturbed from the initial assault as well as is loaded onto 500 million-and-more computers globally.

According to Shadow Brokers, it still possesses 75% of USA’s cyber weapons, while is capable of releasing programs which abuse vulnerabilities in phones, routers and Web-browsers. Moreover, the cyber arsenals compromised databases from PC-networks located in North Korea, Iran, China and Russia. posted this, May 16, 2017.

What Shadow Brokers has done suggests groups such as itself getting increasingly sophisticated commercially as it has already shown certain scary technical capability towards hijacking high ranked intelligence agencies of the world. Further, it emphasizes the manner in which illegal business of PC vulnerabilities appears similar as any real-world marketplace.

There could be more attack things for exploitation with Shadow Brokers to dump, aiming compromise of Windows 10 or mobile devices. It could also possess exposed databases from missile as also nuke programs inside North Korea, China, Iran and Russia, or SWIFT the system for secured banking. According to the group, it’s offering one ‘monthly subscription system’ to obtain dumps, starting from June.

The hackers’ syndicate stated that it wasn’t involved else interested in WannaCry assaults. Shadow Brokers’ interest forever related to theshadowbrokers vs. theequationgroup.

On May 16, Microsoft reported its awareness about Shadow Brokers’ latest assertion and that the software giant’s security teams continuously kept watch for potential threats so it could prioritize and adopt suitable measures. According to Brad Smith, chief legal officer and president of Microsoft, the WannaCry assault utilized things filched from the cyber-war operations of NSA. USA government hasn’t remarked in any direct way over the issue.


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