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Shame On Whoever Invented This Viral Egg-Peeling Hack | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

I am, admittedly, a hard-boiled egg hater. The yolk usually ends up overcooked and chalky, they stink up your entire kitchen, and they are an absolute nightmare to peel. In the years I’ve spent cooking professionally, I’ve heard a laundry list of tricks for peeling a hard-boiled egg—and none of them have worked.

Some people say that you should slide a spoon between the egg and the shell. Ina Garten recommends rolling the egg on the counter to crack the entire surface. But according to one drunk mom on the internet, the secret to peeling a hard-boiled egg is blowing on them.

You read that right: apparently you can use your breath to push an egg out of its shell. In a video shared on Instagram and TikTok, a woman two bottles of wine deep demonstrated how she quickly peels an egg.


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Our team was mesmerized by this video, partially because of the iconic filter she used, but mostly because of how seamlessly the eggs slipped out of the shell. So we decided to put it to the test to see how legitimate this hack actually is.

I bought a dozen eggs, boiled them, and rounded up members of the Delish team to take a stab at this egg-blowing technique. The trick is first cracking small holes into both ends, and then forcefully blowing into one of the ends until the egg is pushed out. The results were mixed.

Only three people managed to successfully peel an egg using this method. And even then, it was far less seamless than what the original poster promised. It took several intense puffs to get the eggs peeled.

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Our wins (and losses).

Gabby Romero

A big part of this hack that they failed to mention? You’re going to end up with peels and weird egg juice in your mouth. Yuck.

It also goes without saying that this hack should only be used on eggs you are personally consuming. Because who wants to eat an egg salad seasoned with someone else’s spit? Certainly not us.

If you swear by this hack, all the power to you. We’re going to sit this one out.

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