Sheep-shearing sex predator sent back to the UK from Falkland isles as cops put on alert | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Offender Roland Wedgwood-Orekoya attacked a woman after taking her to his home in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands. He was ordered back to the UK by authorities there

Roland Wedgwood-Orekoya who was branded a predator is now on UK streets(UGC)

A sheep-shearing sex predator has been sent back to UK from the Falkland Islands as cops are put on alert.

Roland Wedgwood-Orekoya was given a prison sentence in the South Atlantic for attacking a teenager who he lured home. But he has now landed in Britain with any warning and been described as a ‘danger to women’. The high-risk sex offender was sent back from Falkland Islands to British streets.

The Daily Record Police reports police chiefs went to court in Glasgow to ensure he signs the sex offender register. Wedgwood-Orekoya, also known as Seyi, has travelled the world working on farms and has strong connections to Aberdeenshire. But in 2021 he arrived on the Falklands, taking jobs as a shearer and also working in the fishing industry. In April 2022 he struck up a conversation with his victim as they queued at a late-night burger van in capital Port Stanley.

High-risk sex offender Wedgwood-Orekoya, was sent back to the UK from the Falkland Islands (Getty Images/National Geographic RF)

The girl was drunk but made clear she wasn’t interested in him. But, according to the court, Wedgwood-Orekoya “clearly intended luring her back to [his] accommodation in order to have sex with her”. He offered to share his stash of cannabis if she went to his digs. When they arrived, though, he stripped naked and tried to force himself on her, tearing off some of her clothes and leaving her bruised in the “sustained assault”. She escaped after punching the predator. Wedgwood-Orekoya denied sexual assault but was found guilty.

Roland Wedgwood-Orekoya was branded a predator and jailed in the South Atlantic(UGC)

A probation report said his “transient lifestyle”, flitting between countries to shear sheep, added to the danger he poses. Sentencing him to 18 months’ jail, judge Malcolm Simmons told Wedgwood-Orekoya: “You have been assessed as being a high risk of harm to the public, namely females, especially those to whom you are sexually attracted. There was clearly a level of violence in the way you manhandled your victim.

“This was clearly a frightening event for her. What occurred was not a momentary touching but a sustained assault. She was living at home with her parents, having recently left school. You are a man in your thirties. You specifically targeted a particularly vulnerable victim, a young girl who you knew had been drinking. You continue to deny the offence. You have shown no remorse.”

Last week, Police Scotland took legal proceedings at Glasgow Sheriff Court to reduce the risk Wedgwood-Orekoya poses to women. The force secured an order to ensure Wedgwood-Orekoya signs the sex offenders register till 2032. It means he will have to notify the police of any change of address or name. He will also be subject to frequent monitoring.

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