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CLIFTON PARK, NY (NEWS10) — When you put your child on a school bus in the morning, you trust that they’ll get to class safely. With this being national bus safety week, school districts, like Shen, are highlighting the features and procedures they use to make that possible.


Shenendehowa School district transportation Director Belinda Govich says the area public schools employ all traditional safety methods you can think of.  Stop signs, Emergency exits on buses, bus evacuation drills three times a year and background screenings for drivers. 

But then there are the newer features like an alarm reminding drivers to check buses for sleeping children…

“Our child finder, so this button, the alarm will go off whenever you activate your red lights, and want to shut down for the day. You will be required to walk back here checking for sleeping students, check left, right and behind and then you hit the reset button and that’s gonna shut that alarm off” Govich said.

This is not the school bus system of your childhood.

Shen has modern amenities like GPS tracking systems that pull up each stop, and gives turn by  directions which is a big help to drivers without designated bus routes.

“…So those little red stop signs. Those are actual bus stops and let us know that the bus actually made to stop at bat bus stop” the transportation director added.

They even have tablets that map specific bus bus routes and display pictures of the children who are supposed to be riding that route.

To get kids onboard with bus safety, Shen is using the help of a team creatively acronymed SEAT and mascot appropriately named Buster.

“They bring a friend Buster the bus and they talk about my safety and how it’s so important to make sure they’re following the bus driver’s directions especially when they’re loading and unloading because we know that’s the most dangerous part of the bus ride” said Govich.

All of this is done, not just to keep kids safe, but to ease parent’s minds.

“I think the biggest thing about putting your student on the bus is the unknown. You don’t know what’s happening on the bus. You don’t know, you’re not there with them. Are they gonna be safe? And I would just say to you, they are! I put my own kids on the bus I love the bus” she said with her shirt also saying “I love the bus”.

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