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As International Women’s Day nears, Shira Bar Yosef, CCO at Claroty, offers her insights on the underrepresentation of women in the cybersecurity and technology domains. In a thought-provoking commentary, she discusses her career journey, the need for passion and collaboration, and the importance of addressing gender disparity within these sectors.

Bar Yosef’s professional path has been heavily influenced by her passion, which she believes is instrumental in achieving excellence and inspiring others. However, despite the strides made in these fields, she points to a persistent lack of women. “I firmly believe that when you pursue what you love with passion, you not only excel but also inspire others to join you,” says Bar Yosef. “However, despite the progress we’ve made, it’s evident that we still have a long way to go in ensuring greater inclusion and representation of women in cybersecurity.”

Bar Yosef’s passion for customer engagement prompted her switch from software coding early in her career. She finds a deep sense of fulfilment in shaping exceptional customer experiences and credits a collaborative approach to success. Her aim has always been to create a collaborative environment where everyone has the opportunity to excel. Noted Bar Yosef, “My guiding principle is: when you do what you love, you approach it with passion. And when you approach things with passion, you inspire others to follow, creating a collaborative environment where everyone can soar. Success is never a solo act.”

Relating her experiences to the broader context of International Women’s Day, she clarified that being a woman never directed her career objectives or influenced her decisions. She has, however, become increasingly cognizant of the stark gender imbalances in cybersecurity and technology sectors as she advanced her career. “In light of International Women’s Day, I can tell that being a woman has never shaped my career goals or impacted the selections I have made throughout my professional journey. However, the more I have been in this field, it became evident to me that despite the growing numbers of women that we see today, we still have a way to go, and our landscape is missing more women.”

Undoubtedly, Bar Yosef’s reflections offer valuable insight into the intersection of passion, collaboration, and gender disparity within the cybersecurity and technology sectors. Her commitment to fostering a passionate and collaborative work environment, coupled with her candid sharing of the ongoing gender inequality, sends a powerful message in the lead up to International Women’s Day.


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