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Shocking But True! Rs 2.3 Crore Lost in Cyber Crime Fraud in Eighteen Months in Udupi District | #cybercrime | #infosec

Shocking But True! Rs 2.3 Crore Lost in Cyber Crime Fraud in Eighteen Months in Udupi District

Udupi: The district which has the highest number of literates in the state, unfortunately, has the highest number of cybercrime cases reported. The highest number of literates are falling prey to the network of fraudsters and losing their money.

Shockingly, doctors, teachers, retired bank employees, engineers, businessmen and white-collar employees in society have fallen prey to cyber fraudsters.

According to the statistics of the police department, more than 104 cases of cybercrime have been reported in the district in just eighteen months. Hundreds of innocent people have fallen prey to the fraudster’s web and lost more than Rs 2.32 crores. Despite constant awareness among the public about cyber fraud, the number of cases has not decreased. Instead, they have been increasing year by year.

Speaking to mangalorean.com Superintendent of Police Hakay Akshay Machhindra said that in 2022, Rs 1.1 crore was lost in 44 cases and Rs 1.21 crore in 60 cases in 2023. The number of cases this year is likely to double compared to last year.

Hakay Akshay Machhindra

In the last eighteen months, 35 people lost Rs 60 lakh by sharing OTP, 16 people lost Rs 46 lakh to fraudulent accounts through NEFT, 16 people lost Rs 64 lakh due to job lures, 6 people lost Rs 50 lakh due to gifts, 4 people lost Rs 9.50 lakh taking loans.

As technology has grown, the number of internet users has increased and the banking business has reached the peoples’ fingertips. Direct cash transactions have declined, use of UPI and online payments has increased. Fraudsters who have using these channels are looting the money of innocent people. Earlier fraudsters calling people and getting the ATM card number, CVV number and OTP sent to the mobile have now found hundreds of other ways. The victims of cyber fraud in the Udupi district do not file complaints immediately. As a result, Udupi is at the last place in the list of districts where fraud money is recovered.

90% of cases are difficult to crack, and in common criminal cases, it is not difficult to trace the criminals. But in 90% of cybercrime cases, it is very difficult to trace the culprits. Fraudsters sit in faraway states like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Jharkhand and cheat innocent people. The investigation process is technical and needs to collect mobile location, IP address and bank account details used for fraud. It is difficult to trace most cases because the accused use fake documents.

More than 85% of those who have been cheated in cybercrime cases are highly educated. It is sad to say that educated people are falling into the trap of fraudsters. Everyone should have common knowledge that no bank asks customer’s debit card PIN, CVV number or OTP number in the name of KYC. Those who have lost money due to online fraud can get their lost money back and avoid potential financial loss if they file a complaint within the ‘Golden Hour’ period. Suppose the person who lost the money closes the bank account immediately and complains to the nearest police station or CEN Station. In that case, the bank account of the fraudster can be blocked immediately. Later there is a chance to get the money back.

Superintendent of Police Hakay Akshay Machhindra has asked the public to follow the ‘golden hour’ principle to prevent losses due to cybercrimes. In most cases, people fail to report cybercrimes due to confusion about whom to contact immediately. People should directly log on to the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (www.cybercrime.gov.in) to register the complaint. The public can Call 1930 and complain and those who have lost money should call 1930 and file a complaint.

Meanwhile, the public may also dial 0820-25350021 or 9480805410, of the CEN police station in Udupi, in case of cybercrimes. If the complainant reported the crime during the golden hour, the police can freeze the bank accounts immediately, the SP said.

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