Shoe Shop under security breach!

Another big entity has become the victim of internet hackers, who entered and smashed all of its actual security.

The corporation named Office is not telling anything about the password protection system of its website. The company sent an email to all of its consumers that some illegal activity happened to its website and someone got access to its data. The company informed the consumers immediately.

The financial information of the Office is not compromised and only the consumers, who were registered at the website prior August 2013 were under attacked. The hackers reached the one server only.

The Office assures that the website is safe and do not have any loophole in its system. The company told more that the server, which was not in use since long been and had the old data, has been accessed.

The Office has temporarily reset the passwords and now the consumers are required to recover the passwords as soon as possible for the online shopping. It is still unknown that the passwords were encrypted or not.

Shoe Shop under security breach!

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