Should HISD implement stop-arm cameras? | #schoolsaftey

K-12 school districts throughout the nation are focusing on school bus safety and how to prevent severe or fatal injuries. 

Locally, law enforcement and educators continue to work together to ensure the safety of students, including making sure drivers follow traffic and school bus laws and helping crossing guards with students crossing the streets safely. A big issue: drivers who don’t stop for buses loading and unloading children. 

Law enforcement monitoring school zones in the Kleinwood subdivision to make sure motorists were following school bus laws and helping crossing guards with the students crossing the street. 

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office

The U.S. Transportation Department offers resources for districts and parents during School Bus Safety Week Oct. 16-20.

Some school districts across the country have implemented ways to ensure the safety of students, including using cameras and issuing fines. 

For example, New York passed a school bus camera law in 2019 that authorizes districts and municipalities to use stop-arm cameras on school buses to capture images of vehicles passing them. Fines are issued, according to the state government’s website. 

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During the same year, Santa Fe Independent School District also implemented a similar camera system by partnering with Verra Mobility. Sante Fe ISD installed cameras that captured drivers passing stopped school buses and issued $300 citations.

Arizona-based Verra Mobility confirmed that Austin, Mesquite and San Antonio ISDs were also using cameras from the company for school buses. 

John Wilcots, general manager for HISD said the district hasn’t discussed installing those types of cameras, but they are focusing on a project involving live camera feeds on school buses.  

The district has safety rules for students, parents and other motorists when a school bus is traveling and making a stop. 

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 24 states have passed school bus stop-arm camera laws.

Texas law requires drivers to stop when a school bus stops and operates a visual signal — flashing lights or a stop sign. Drivers must remain stopped until the school bus resumes motion, the bus driver signals for the other drivers to proceed and the visual signal is not activated. 

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Drivers can get a fine between $500-$1,250 for not stopping while a school bus stops to let students off the vehicle, according to the law. The charge can be a Class A misdemeanor if a person was injured while a vehicle didn’t stop while the school bus visual signal was shown. With prior convictions, a new offense can lead to a felony charge and suspended license. 

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