Should school buses have seatbelts | #schoolsaftey

AVON LAKE, Ohio (WJW) – In August, an 11-year-old was tragically killed while on his way to school near Dayton.

 His death sparked a movement called the Ohio School Bus Safety Working Group. 

“The goal is to make transportation in and around schools as safe as possible,” said Ohio Department of Public Safety Director Andy Wilson. 

One of their key focuses is figuring out whether or not seat belts on school buses for students will help them achieve better safety statewide.

The keynote speaker on Thursday was Avon Lake Superintendent Joelle Magyar, whose district is a part of this pilot program. 

She shared what they have seen, both the positive and negative.

“We definitely have mixed reactions to this. We definitely have parents say ‘please put this on the rest of our busses,’” said Magyar. 

Despite some of those requests, Magyar says Avon Lake found the negatives of seat belt wearing far outweighed the positives. 

“When some of our kids would come home, they would have rashes on the side of their neck because the shoulder strap was hitting too high,” Magyar said.

For those in charge of figuring out whether or not seat belts make students safer, all of this feedback is important.  

They hope hearing all sides, helps them make the right choice.

“We have to make sure whatever decision we make doesn’t have unintended consequences,” said Wilson. 

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