Siegel High School honors retired sheriff Truman Jones and 5 original SROs | #schoolsaftey

School resource officers will kick off their 30th anniversary celebration at the Siegel-Riverdale high school football game Oct. 20.


Retired Sheriff Truman Jones, who started the SRO program, the five original SROs, present SROs and Rutherford County Schools’ leaders are expected to attend the game. The first SROs were Barry Benham, Phil Brooks, Dan Goodwin, Bill Kennedy and Bill West.


Jones and then Rutherford County Schools’ Superintendent Elam Carlton worked together to initiate the SRO program in 1993 at five county high schools.


SROs provide safety and security at all Rutherford County Schools, mentor and advise students and participate in school activities.


Siegel SRO Roscoe Sanders is coordinating the celebration.


“Anyone who was part of the division is welcome to come to the game,” Sanders said. “They will ask to stand up in the stands and be recognized.”


Director Dr. James Sullivan and Safety Director Patty Oeser of Rutherford County Schools are scheduled to attend.


The recognition will begin with a motorcade of two Tennessee Highway Patrol motorcyclists, two Murfreesboro Police SROs and two Sheriff’s SROs escorting Jones and the five original SROs at 6:42 p.m. to the mid-field during pre-game ceremonies. They will walk under sabers from Siegel High School’s Honor Guard to mid-field where they will be recognized for their contributions to the SRO program.


Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department and the Sheriff’s Office Bearcat will be available for the children to view along will photo booths for pictures.


Siegel Principal Larry Creasy said he worked at Smyrna High School when the first SROs started at the high school.


“I can’t imagine going to work every day without an SRO in the building,” Creasy said. “They are so important, not just for safety, but they interact with students and teachers and help out in any away. They are in the cafeteria during lunch interacting with the students.”


When SRO Sanders approached him about the event, Creasy wanted to participate.


“The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and the SROs are a leader in this area and in the nation for many years,” Creasy said. “We want to recognize them. We appreciate their hard work and dedication.”


Sanders said students often talk with him.


“I love being here talking to our kids,” Sanders said. “We are making a difference every day in their lives and the pathways and the trajectory we’re doing every day. We monitor them like they are our own kids.”

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