‘Silent Hills’ Cancellation: Game Gets Hacked Revealing Photos of Character Models and Enemies

The cancellation of “Silent Hills” still haunts the gaming world as hackers data-mined over its play teaser demo just recently.
Who would have expected that even until after Hideo Kojima’s “Silent Hills” has ended, there will still be a buzz about the video game’s contents? Well, it seems some game enthusiasts have not moved on from its expected thrill and action.
It seems as though the “ghost” of the game came down to fans after a couple of photos that contained the game’s character models and unused enemies have leaked all over the web. Those hackers worked their way data-mining the contents from the introductory teaser of “Silent Hills.”
According to Power Up Gaming, a noted researcher found out that the data-mining resulted to the public viewing of the supposed hidden files of “Silent Hills” and made the situation even worse. And although users have tried putting and securing everything back together, the photos have already reached the heights of the trending news.

Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment have recently made it to the news again with the release of their newest franchise titled “Death Stranding”. However, unexpectedly, the hackers paved their way to the news too, lurking over a done game.

Kojima finally talked about the mystery of the “Silent Hills” cancellation in one of his recent interviews, saying he learned that another game with a similar premise and theme was created at the same time he released his. He said he “would prefer to do something that takes a different approach and a different perspective to it.”
The end of “Silent Hills” is still fresh in the memory of its fans. Those who knew about the original “Silent Hill” has looked forward to the video game release only to find out the bad news. And by the look of the leaked photos, what fans know for sure is that it could have been a huge hit.


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