Singapore Cyber Security R&D Conference (SG-CRC 2017)

February 21 – 22, 2017 | Singapore

SG-CRC 2017 will focus on methodologies and techniques oriented to construct resilient systems against cyber-attacks that aids to construct safe execution environments, enhancing security of both software and hardware by means of using mathematical tools and engineering approaches for designing, verifying, and monitoring cyber-physical systems.

Authors are invited to submit original work on any of the topics listed below. Submissions that fall in the general area of cyber security but not exactly in any of the topics below, will also be considered. Submissions may focus on theoretical results, experiments, or a mix of both. Authors of accepted papers would be invited to give a 15-30 minutes presentation on their work. Selected Best Papers would be awarded with a Certificate.

• Attacker and attack models

• Biometrics

• Cloud security

• Cyber Security Education

• Data privacy

• Defence against side channel attacks

• Design of secure controllers

• Design of secure systems from insecure components

• Digital forensics

• Economic models of cyber security

• EV/AV security

• Formal methods in cyber security

• Hardware/software cyber defence mechanisms

• IoT security

• Legal aspects of cyber security

• Lightweight crypto and security

• Methodologies for assessing system security and risk

• Mobile security

• Protection of public infrastructure: power, water and transportation

• Security by design

• Security in healthcare

• Security policies and compliance

• Social Engineering and cyber security

• Testbeds for experimentation

• Testing for cyber security

• Urban transportation system security


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