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An Australian relationship coach has asked singles what their biggest dating mistakes and regrets have been during the coronavirus lockdown – with very mixed results.

Expert Louanne Ward, from Perth in Western Australia, posed the question in her Facebook group She Said, He Said, looking to see whether the global pandemic had changed the dating game in Australia for serial singletons.

Some people said that they had been separated from their loved ones in different states and wished they had moved closer before the lockdown started, while others said they felt like it was ‘impossible’ to date at the moment and they missed it. 

Expert Louanne Ward, from Perth in Western Australia, posed the question in her Facebook group She Said, He Said

‘I keep getting stuck in the Snapchat overshare trap and am starting to think I’m hiding behind it,’ one man said. ‘Isolation has just enhanced the experience’.


What was your biggest dating mistake during COVID-19 lockdown?

  • Getting back with an ex-partner 0 votes
  • Sending nude images 1 votes
  • Not moving in with your partner sooner 0 votes
  • Going on dates you knew wouldn’t work out 4 votes

‘My biggest regret is returning to a relationship that was absolutely toxic. Due to my own lack of self respect, I returned to a woman that has no moral compass. Being dumped five times with the last time via email a few days ago, says more about me than her actions,’ said another man.

‘So my regret is lowering my standards and belief of what is acceptable and respectful.’

A third added: ‘I regret having kids with my ex-husband! Because I had to homeschool all four of them’.

One man said he found it ‘very difficult to kiss with a face mask on’, while another said he hated ‘not having a partner’ during the very isolating community closedown.

One man said he found it ‘very difficult to kiss with a face mask on’, while another said he hated ‘not having a partner’ during the very isolating community closedown (stock image)

‘I regret not meeting a partner before COVID-19,’ one woman said.

‘Lowering my standards and wasting precious time and energy on guys who don’t have the best intentions,’ said another.

One gentleman said he didn’t leave ‘enough time for himself’ during the lockdown, which is something he regrets now that things are slowly reopening.   

‘It is certainly a challenging time not being able to socialise, but you are not able to control the social aspect,’ Louanne responded to the group.

‘As much as it is hard, this isn’t self-ownership, it is circumstances.

‘I asked the question this week as I have had a number of clients say things to me like “I regret not giving that person a go” or “it was a mistake to write that person off”.

‘My whole week was filled with people reflecting on the mistakes they have made online trying to connect with someone or the regrets they had in not making more of an effort, or overlooking bad behaviour which came back to bite them.’

Louanne explained that the coronavirus had made dating even more difficult but that was certainly not any one individual’s fault. 

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