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Described as “sinister and predatory” by police, Alex Tindal was found guilty of possessing hundreds of indecent images of children.

Alex Tindal

A paedophile who used Snapchat to prey on young children – including in Ireland – before blackmailing them has been jailed in the UK.

Alex Tindal was jailed for 11 years this week for a catalogue of sick offences against victims as young as 10 years old across the world.

Described as “sinister and predatory” by police, Tindal was found guilty of possessing hundreds of indecent images of children.

He used social media to convinced children, some as young as 10 years old, to engage in sexual activity.

Tindal would then blackmail them, threatening to disclose the videos and photos publicly if they did not follow his instructions.

The court heard he had more than thirty victims across the UK as well in Germany, USA and Ireland.

However, he was finally caught following a referral received from a child in Northern Ireland.

South Wales police said the Irish victim reported receiving threats from Tindal after refusing to send him sexual imagery.

Police also received a report from the National Crime Agency, identifying that child sexual abuse material had been uploaded to the internet at Tindal’s former Swansea home.

Tindal was arrested at his home which was then searched. Several devices including mobile phones, computers and hard drives were seized and examined, and the scale of his offending became apparent.

Speaking following Tindal’s conviction, Detective Constable Martin Charles commented,

“This is one of the largest cases our team has worked on, and the strength of evidence gathered gave Tindal no other option but to plead guilty.

“I am thankful for the other police forces across the UK and abroad who supported the investigation as well as our Digital Forensic Unit in identifying victims ensuring we can safeguard them from further harm.

“Most of all, I am grateful for the bravery shown by Tindal’s victims across the UK for talking to the Police and helping to put him where he belongs beyond harm’s way.

“Alex Tindal’s crimes are of the most sinister and predatory offences seen as most of the victims’ families were completely unaware of the abuse being perpetrated.

“The online world is an integral part of a child’s life but is often hidden from close family and those who would intervene to help a child if they fell victim to this particular type of crime.”

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