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Sittingbourne parents issue warning after ‘half-naked’ man spotted up tree in Murston | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

A mum and dad are urging parents to stay vigilant after seeing a “half-naked” man up a tree at a children’s football field.

Police were called to reports of a man dressed inappropriately at a recreation ground yesterday morning.

The field at the end of Oak Road, Murston, in Sittingbourne. Picture: Google Maps

A 40-year-old woman, from Portland Avenue in Sittingbourne, claimed her partner saw the unsightly incident while he was walking the family dog in Murston at around 7.15am.

The resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: “It happened in the field at the back of Oak Road.

“My partner was walking our dog and when he got to the black container and the bushes behind it he saw a bag on the floor next to a tree.


“He went to have a look and then notices there was a man high up in the tree with his trousers down.

“The man was sitting on a branch with his trousers down to the point where my partner could see his bum.

Police were called to reports of a man dressed inappropriately at a recreation ground. Stock Image

Concerned by the strange situation the dog walker asked the partially clothed man what he was doing.

The woman explained: “He told my partner that he was waiting for a friend and refused to come down.

“He kept repeating ‘I’m waiting for my friend’ and kept looking out to the field.”

The parents put posts out on Facebook to warn other families of the situation.

“We walk the dog there all the time,” she added. “My partner usually has the kids with him but thankfully they were asleep yesterday.

A wooded area at the end of Oak Road in Murston. Picture: Google Maps

“Kids are meant to feel safe around here but they aren’t. I have no idea what the man was trying to achieve but it’s strange.


“How are people meant to bring their children to a field where they play football if there’s a man half-naked in a tree with a bag directly under him? In a field where kids play football. To me, that sounds like a predator.

“It’s scary.” The mum added.

Police confirmed that they were made aware of the situation.

A spokesman said: “Officers attended and completed a thorough search of the area, but the man was not located.

“The local beat officer is aware and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

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