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A Finnish court on Tuesday jailed a hacker for six years over the country’s biggest hacking case involving the theft of tens of thousands of psychotherapy records.

Aleksanteri Kivimaki was found guilty of “aggravated data breach” and “attempted aggravated extortion” in an unprecedented case where patient data and records for around 33,000 people were compromised in a hack of the Vastaamo psychotherapy centre in 2018.

The Western Uusimaa District Court handed Kivimaki a prison sentence of six years and three months.

With more than 21,000 plaintiffs, the criminal case is “the largest ever in our country”, the court said in a statement, calling the criminal offences “exceptional”.

In 2018, the database of Finnish psychotherapy provider Vastaamo, which had dozens of centres throughout the Nordic nation — before going bankrupt in 2021 — was breached and confidential treatment records for tens of thousands of patients were illegally copied.

After stealing the records, Kivimaki initially sought over 360,000 euros ($386,000) in bitcoin as ransom from Vastaamo in exchange for not leaking the records, according to the prosecutor.

When the company refused to pay, Kivimaki started leaking records and sent extortion letters to patients demanding sums ranging from 200 to 500 euros ($215 to $535) to prevent the disclosure of records of their therapy sessions.

Following a European arrest warrant issued by the Finnish police in October 2022, he was arrested in the Paris region in February 2023.

Kivimaki was also convicted of more than 9,200 counts of dissemination of information infringing on personal privacy after a five-month trial.

“The district court therefore did not reject any part of the prosecutor’s case”, the court stated.

Following the verdict, Kivimaki’s lawyer, Peter Jaari, told newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that his client intended to appeal.

Kivimaki has already been convicted on charges of cybercrime, fraud, and money laundering, as well as 50,700 data breaches carried out with a hacker group in over 100 countries.

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