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Skynet is real: AI cyberthreats on the rise

Apparently, bad guys haven’t been banned from the AI party just yet. Some bad actors are harnessing AI’s power to develop new cyberthreats to overcome defenses and develop better attacks.

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Your job, automated by AI

Large corporations aren’t wasting any time integrating AI into automation tasks. In fact, most big-company CEOs see it as vital to achieving a host of business goals. Let’s just hope that doesn’t include automating you.

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A universal translator becomes real – and even speaks Texan!

Refusing to stay within the bounds of sci-fi novels, an AI-powered automatic translating program can re-dub your videos into dozens of languages. It can even translate your voice into Texas slang, because apparently people in Texas can’t understand English?

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We’re going to need a bigger extension cord…

Count us as those who had assumed AI was powered by some secretive energy source that it had developed on its own while we were asleep. Turns out, it uses A LOT of electricity.

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My doctor is really good, but needs rebooting on occasion

A survey of patients found that more of them would trust a diagnosis from AI than a human physician. But many of these people are the same ones who got their COVID information from Facebook. Ivermectin for everyone!

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