Small Business Security: Hackers Dial Up Telephone Fraud


PCs and computer servers aren’t the only technology systems hackers stake out.

Major data breaches grab headlines, like Home Depot’s recent computer security problems, by virtue of the millions of customers they potentially affect. Small businesses, meanwhile, continue to fall victim to another form of fraud that can lead to real losses. Understanding the threat can help you bolster your small business security.

As low-tech as it sounds, hackers are resorting to phone scams to line their pockets. Their methods are surprisingly sophisticated, and their attacks can reach heights unimagined by phone phreakers of the past.

Adam Simpson, CEO of Easy Office Phone, a cloud-based, small and midsized business (SMB) phone services provider, says many attackers exploit the gaps between a phone service provider’s obligations and the security protections offered by a customer’s phone systems. “The problem has been getting much worse over the past three years,” he said.

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