Small firms told to be more cyber cautious

mall firms should be every bit as wary as their larger counterparts with regards to cyber security, says a panellist at the upcoming Insider Media East Midlands Cybercrime Breakfast.

Sean Price, software development director at retail installation experts RDS Group, said that SMEs targetted by cyber crime could potentially suffer devastating financial losses.

He said:

“Cyber security is not something to be ignored anymore, once it was something only big business needed to be wary of. But that hasn’t been true for some time and cyber security and crimes around technology are forever increasing.”

Price went on to say:

“[Businesses] need to be aware of not only the types of threats but also how to prevent them and the importance of cyber security auditing.”

Attempts to stop costly cyber attacks in their tracks should include reassessing employment policies, according to Price. A recent PwC report discovered that 60% of small firms have been hit by a cyber attack as a result of the actions of one of their employees.

Price will be among five experts on the panel at the event, which will take place on August 3 at Mercure Leicester The Grand Hotel.

Small firms would be wise to take Price’s advice on board if they wish to avoid not only suffering from the financial repercussions of a cyber attack, but also from the potential loss of data and therefore reputation. Today’s savvier SMEs create cyber security jobs to ensure that they are protected against the more common threats at the very minimum.


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