SmartPay investigating breach after ransomware attack – Security | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Eftpos provider SmartPay has revealed that some customer data has been breached in a cyber attack.

In an announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange [pdf], the company emphasised that it doesn’t “collect or store individual cardholder information” when processing transactions, but did not stipulate what information was breached.

SmartPay’s statement said it first became aware it was under attack on June 10, with ransomware affecting “some systems in New Zealand”.

The company said it moved to contain the incident, engaging Cyber CX to provide assistance, and said it is also working with government authorities.“

The company said that its investigation had since “confirmed that criminals have stolen information pertaining to a group of customers in Australia and New Zealand from our New Zealand systems”.

The company said the top priority in its investigation is to understand the “contents and extent of that data theft”.

SmartPay said customers don’t need to take any action at this point, and it said it will get in touch with any customers if they are impacted.

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