SMEs warned against cyber security risks

SMALL and medium-sized companies need strong cyber security measures as they are vulnerable to cyber attacks, which could hinder their business growth, PLDT Group’s digital enterprise enabler ePLDT said.

Citing data from the latest report of the UK Government Security Breach Survey, ePLDT said that 98 percent of businesses in the country are working their way up to compete with more established companies, but security breaches have become their barriers for growth, with 74 percent of small organizations reported to have been breached in 2015 alone.

“SMEs have become the prime target of cyber criminals because compared with larger companies, these emerging businesses have little to no cyber security strategy in place—making them easier to penetrate,” Angel Redoble, ePLDT group chief information security officer, said in a statement over the weekend.

“Small businesses may not feel the pressing need to adopt cyber security architecture now,” Redoble continued, “but working with a professional who can identify and mitigate cyber risks will go a long way in ensuring that the company is positioned for steady growth.”

Redoble said budget constraints may limit these companies from deploying cyber security infrastructure, but he stressed that the need for people who are experts in the field is a must to ensure the companies’ growth.

“For SMEs to soar forward, they need to think big. They have to realize the crucial roles played by cyber security experts who can take the lead in ensuring their business resilience, especially now that cyber criminals are getting smarter,” he said.

The company disclosed that they are working with small and medium businesses to strengthen their cyber security posture with the right infrastructure, expertise and strategies.

ePLDT, through its Cyber Security portfolio, offers security risk assessment, digital forensics, ransomware investigation and malware analysis, and incident response.

These services are complemented with Managed Security services that cover the management, maintenance, policy configuration and reporting of on-premise or hosted dedicated security hardware. It also includes the installation of cyber security infrastructure, configuration and policy management, service level agreements on response time and phone and e-mail support.

“These services, paired with our certified managed security expertise, can help strengthen the cyber defenses of companies that want to drive growth in today’s fast-paced business environment,” said Nerissa Ramos, ePLDT group chief operating officer.


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