Smith High alumni hopes new campaign will reduce violence | #schoolsaftey

Josh Chavis hopes he can inspire other alumni of Triad schools to give back and help reduce violence in the community.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Josh Chavis graduated from Smith High School in 2009. 

Recently, he has grown increasingly concerned about the rising violence in the community. 

Particularly among youth.  

“We’re trying to give others the opportunity to see what it’s like to have positive members, positive roll models come back to the school,” said Chavis

To inspire change, Chavis has formed the Stop the Violence campaign. 

Partnering with alumni from Smith and Dudley High School, he hopes more involvement will inspire positive change.

“We’re trying to watch pretty much give everybody the opportunity to see what it’s like to have positive members, positive role, models coming back to the school,” said Chavis

Chavis has already had the opportunity to volunteer with the Smith High School football and basketball teams. 

He says students that make that connection with someone who has walked in their shoes – is all it takes to start a domino effect of positive change. 

“Back in July we did the tailgate out at Smith and it was the first time this has ever happened. Once we had the vision we came together and reached out to everybody and it went from one class and expanded to other classes so that’s what you have us division to say look once we come together as a community look what we can accomplish,” said Chavis

The Stop the Violence campaign will also take part of the Smith and Dudley Alumni day on Thursday. 

Ahead of the schools’ rivalry football game on Friday night. 

Sharing their message and encouraging other alumni to get involved, regardless of the school. 

Chavis says it only takes one person to make a big difference. 

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