Social Media Monitoring: How To Keep Children Safe Online

In an era where digital technologies have been so influential, parents and experts can’t deny the fact how social media greatly affects children and teens as they become more active online. Children can do a lot of activities online such as updating statuses in Facebook, sharing new photos in Instagram and posting whatever they want in Twitter.

These information children and teens are posting in their social media accounts, however, may be the only missing piece that cybercriminals are waiting to open the possibility of identity theft and fraud. In addition, these social media information could also make children and teens an easy target for reputational risks, cyberbullying and sexual predator activity.

Due to these risks brought by the social media, parents want to protect their children from such aforementioned things to happen. They also want to ensure that their children don’t get to the point where their character and personality gets jeopardized.

As much as parents wanted to monitor their kids’ social media activity, it’s quite a very hard thing to do because of the inadequate tools and software that could check what the children are sharing online. Fortunately, CSID, the leading source of global identity protection and fraud detection technologies that aid small and large enterprises and consumers, have recently announced their Social Media Monitoring brand that includes child monitoring services.

CSID’s Social Media Monitoring product is a very important addition that can be customized and quickly set-up through their Identity Management Center (IMC). This monitoring platform could provide protection and help parents check if their children are at risk for the privacy and reputational threats like cyberbullying, sexual predator activity and weapons references on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Based on the press release sent to Parent Herald, latest records show that 92 percent of teenagers go online every day. Pew Research Center added that 91 percent of these teens share selfies while 71 percent share their location. This information alone could already make the vulnerable to identity fraud threats.

“In today’s world where children and teens are constantly connected, they may be sharing information that puts them at risk for identity theft, reputation damage, or worse,” CSID President and cofounder Joe Ross said. “The new child monitoring services added to our Social Media Monitoring product will allow businesses to provide subscribers peace of mind, knowing that they’ll be alerted if their children are sharing any information or engaging in activities via social media that puts them at risk.”

Meanwhile, it is essential that parents should be cautious of these security risks their children could face because of social media. It is also helpful if parents will explain to their children how sharing personal information and photos in social media repeatedly could put a person in jeopardy.

With that said, people should also think twice before sharing sensitive and vital information online as it may impact one’s personal lives. As parents, monitoring your children and teenagers’ social media activity is one way of keeping them safe online – all thanks to CSID for making social media monitoring possible and easy.


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