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Fraudulent and scam cases are becoming more prevalent in India. We occasionally hear tales of people who have had their money stolen from them. The easiest way to prevent being a victim of such scams is to be wary of strangers and do extensive background checks on everyone you speak to online. Furthermore, one should exercise extreme caution while investing money and should not do it merely on the advice of others or on the promise of high returns. Financial advice from strangers can frequently have rather disastrous outcomes.

An Ahmedabad-based software engineer who met a woman through a dating website and followed her suggestion to spend close to 1 crore in Bitcoin experienced a similar situation. The techie lost all of his money since the woman turned out to be a con artist.

Software engineer loses more than 1 crore

A software programmer lost 1 crore because a woman he met on a marriage website betrayed him. Fraud was committed against an Ahmedabad-based software engineer. He fell for a cryptocurrency fraud. He claimed to have lost 1 crore as a victim of fraud in his police complaint to Gandhinagar. The victim of fraud was Kuldeep Patel.

Aditi was a young woman whom Kuldeep met online while searching for probable matches. He learned from the woman that she exports goods to the United Kingdom. Kuldeep was given the advice to make a deposit at Banocoin by the woman. Kuldeep did so by making a bank deposit of the funds.

A $78 profit was seen on the initial investment of one lakh. As a result, he began making larger investments. Deposits of 1.34 crore were made between July 20 and August 31. On September 3, he attempted to withdraw 2.59 lakh but was told the account had been frozen.

Kuldeep was instructed that he must deposit an additional 35 lakh in order to regain access to the account. Later, Kuldeep attempted to get in touch with the visitor he had met on the marriage website but was unsuccessful. This is how he came to the realisation that he was a fraud victim.

Ways to stay secure

Avoiding giving your hard-earned money to strangers is the best way to protect yourself from such frauds. There are many reputable financial investors available that are equipped to assist you with your investments. If you are unclear about what investments you should make, it is advisable to speak with professionals rather than believing strangers.

Additionally, scammers are increasingly targeting people through dating and marriage apps. Therefore, even if you want to trust someone you met on such an app, make sure to meet them a few times first and get to know them as well as you can before you truly trust them.

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