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So I am just a humble world-renowned lawyer trying to make a living defending small businesses…

and somehow I find myself mixed up with a bunch of super-nerdy telecom guys and hackers.


just a while ago I posted my podcast interview with Johnny Tarone and the super-cool Alan Quayle (hacker extraordinaire) and now someone claiming to be a “flooder”–dont know that i want to know what that is–for scammerblaster reached out to me with a story.

So for the uninitiated, SB was the batman of tcpaworld–vigilante group that used hackers to destroy teleco spammers. But also maybe to destroy good guys. And well, it–and its owner–got absolutely destroyed by the FCC for it.

DID THE FCC JUST TAKE OUT TCPAWORLD’S VERSION OF BATMAN?: FCC Hammers Scammerblaster, Inc. with ~$100MM Penalty And This is the Weirdest Story Ever

I am on the fence if SB was a good guy or a bad guy. But here’s a story apparently from a hacker involved:

I was SB’s secondary flooder. He provided me with hundreds of legitimate phone numbers to flood from so the scammers couldn’t block me. I wrote my own flood software and built a powerful computer to run it all. 

I never touched toll free numbers because SB would always warn me about traffic pumping. I never knew he was doing his own pumping, so was shocked and saddened to see all of this unfold. He’s a true friend, though we haven’t been in touch for a while now. I could probably get back in touch with him if you’d like. I’m also happy to expand on my own story. 

One day, I was contacted by a fellow SB team member. He’s a hacker, and is very good at it. He’s not in the US so he could get away with hacking into the scammer’s network. He put trojan software on the scammer computers and would watch and listen in on the scammers. He was watching a scam in progress of a woman in her 80’s. The scammers had her heading to the bank to withdraw her entire life savings. I forget the amount, but it was in the hundreds of thousands. I immediately started to attempt to contact her by texting (I could also text flood) and repeatedly calling her to try and interrupt the scam. Knowing that she was on her way to the bank, and knowing what bank it was, SB called the police in her town to warn them and intercept her. I’m a pretty darn good researcher, and was able to search her name, identify family members, contact the construction company her son owned, convince the secretary that it was urgent she let the son know what was happening. She did, and he and the police arrived at the bank at the same time and prevented the scam’s success.

That’s just one of many stories where we saved people from being scammed. Some of these people who lose their life savings commit suicide. Plenty of news stories about that. 

So there you go. Hackers doing good?


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