Son, 22, attacked his mum, stole her benefits and used bank card to buy a Maccies | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans

A 22-year-old man attacked his mother in her own home before stealing her benefits money. Samuel Wilton, 22, grabbed her leg when she tried to kick him following a dispute over a lighter.

As a result, she fell on her back and suffered injuries. About 10 days later her Universal Credit was paid into his bank account by mistake. But instead of transferring it back to her he withdrew the money and spent the cash.

And earlier this year he stole her bank card and used it to buy food from a shop and McDonald’s. Now Wilton has been handed an 18-month conditional discharge at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

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Prosecutor Maria Brennan said Wilton’s mum went into his room on November 15 last year, prodded him on his shoulder and demanded he returned her lighter. Miss Brennan said: “She punched him. He got out of bed, picked her up, carried her to the landing and dropped her accidentally. She landed on her backside.

“He went back to his bedroom. She was hitting the door to get in. He was holding it shut. He opened the door. Her foot was raised. She was about to kick the door and him. He accepts that he grabbed her foot and pulled it towards him. She went on her back and may have banged her head. She suffered bruising to her arms, chest and legs and a tooth became loose.”

The defendant was sentenced at Stoke on Trent Crown Court.

On November 25 year Wilton’s mum’s £289 Universal Credit payment was transferred to him by mistake. He withdrew the money and spent it himself.

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