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Sonu Sood’s Multi-faceted Role in Cybercrime Thriller ‘Fateh’

Sonu Sood, a name synonymous with philanthropy and goodwill, has embarked on a new venture – a film named Fateh. His motives are as laudable as ever: to bring awareness to the rampant and often overlooked issue of cybercrime in India. Donning multiple hats for this project, Sood serves not only as an actor but also the director, producer, and writer.

Unveiling the Inspiration Behind Fateh

The roots of Fateh lay in the real-life experiences and encounters of Sood during the pandemic. It was during this time that numerous victims of cybercrime, seeking assistance for medical and educational needs, reached out to him. The stories of these victims, their losses and struggles, became the impetus for the development of Fateh.

One particular incident struck a deep chord with Sood. A person in Lucknow, desperately trying to secure an ambulance for his ailing mother, fell prey to cybercriminals. The money he had painstakingly saved was claimed by fraudsters. It was Sood who eventually stepped in to arrange the ambulance, but the incident left an enduring impact on him.

A Journey of Research and Discovery

The creation of Fateh was not an overnight process. It evolved over one and a half years of extensive research, including numerous discussions with cybercrime officials and ethical hackers. Sood’s daily encounters with cybercrime cases and the registration of multiple FIRs across India further solidified his commitment to the cause and the film.

Fateh: A Glimpse at the Storyline

In Fateh, Sood steps into the shoes of a tech-savvy agent, a savior for those ensnared in the clutches of cybercrime. While he acknowledges that the older generation is more susceptible to these crimes, he notes a concerning trend – the youth, despite or perhaps because of their tech-savviness, are increasingly falling victim to these crimes.

Joining Sood in the cast is Jacqueliene Fernandez. The film is currently in post-production, and anticipation for its release is mounting.

With Fateh, Sonu Sood continues to extend his helping hand, but this time, through the medium of cinema. He aims to raise awareness about a threat that looms large yet remains largely unnoticed, hoping to bring change and security to the digital lives of millions.

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