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The report from Sophos, cybersecurity as a service provider, found that 94% of respondents in cybersecurity and IT roles in the Philippines are impacted by burnout and fatigue, the highest among the markets surveyed in the Asia Pacific (APAC). Across the region, an average of 90% of respondents in cybersecurity and IT roles are impacted by burnout and fatigue. 

In the Philippines specifically, 36% reported decreased diligence, 36% experienced heightened anxiety during breaches, 23% felt cynicism toward their responsibilities, and 17% resigned due to stress. Sophos’ Aaron Bugal emphasized the critical need for organizational support, especially given the direct link between burnout and breaches.

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The report The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan” was conducted collaboration with Tech Research Asia (TRA). The study surveyed 919 respondents across Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, providing comprehensive insights into the cybersecurity landscape in the region. It emphasized the urgency for organizations to address burnout and fatigue to bolster their cyber defenses and maintain operational resilience.

The report underscored the need for attitude adjustments within organizations, urging boards and executives to drive change and accountability in cybersecurity governance. It highlighted four key impacts of burnout on business operations in the Philippines: direct contribution to breaches (11%), slower incident response (19%), lost productivity (4.6 hours/week), and high resignation rates (48%).


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