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“I don’t know if it’s African artists versus African music in terms of streams,” award-winning composer, producer, and writer, Tatenda Terence Kamera, tells FORBES AFRICA. “Because you have specific artists that contribute to those streams but it is tricky to call it African music because there’s a lot more that people don’t stream about. However, in terms of the potential, it is there because the whole world is looking at African music right now.”

The potential of African music is more than just social media. The pool of talent coming out of Africa is not only in mainstream genres like Afrobeats, Amapiano, pop or hip hop. The artists profiled on these pages (unranked and following no particular order with social media stats from September 14) by FORBES AFRICA are individuals who are only a subset or representation of what the actual music industry is today. They come from different categories of entertainment and multiple branches of the industry, from classical music to composition and production, to even conducting.

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