SOURCE Security Conference Mesa/Phoenix

General Cybersecurity Conference

 Februrary 28 – March 1, 2018 | Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Cybersecurity Conference Description 

SOURCE is one of the only conferences that brings business, technology and security professionals together under one roof to focus on real-world, practical security solutions for some of the toughest security issues.

◊ Established in 2008, the SOURCE Conference provides a unique environment for learning, networking, and exchanging ideas and solutions for today’s information security challenges. This includes a focus on one of the industry’s biggest challenges: people.

◊ We are one part hacker conference, one part CISO conference, and one part career/personal development conference, seamlessly blended together into an impactful, two-day event.

◊ When you attend the SOURCE conference, you know the content will always be top-notch. Each year, we attract some of the best speakers and trainers in the information security community, and we combine that with our high level of interactivity and audience participation to create a truly unique information security experience.

SOURCE Conference attendees are top-level business, security, and IT professionals, including:
• Executives and Managers
– CEOs, CSOs, CISOs, and CTOs
– Project managers, directors, and team leads
• Information Security Professionals
– Security architects, engineers, and consultants – Application & network security experts
– Security researchers
– Auditors
• Development team members – Software engineers
– QA testers
– Application, system and network architects – Project Managers

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