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After seven agonising months stuck in Southeast Asia, Xolani Fongo, the South African man who had the misfortune of bouncing between job scams in Cambodia and Thailand, has been reunited with his family in Masilo Theunissen, Free State.

The 29-year-old had pleaded for public help after exhausting all diplomatic channels. He landed at the OR Tambo International Airport on Wednesday afternoon.

Overwhelmed by emotions, Fongo addressed family members and community members who welcomed him at the airport.

“I want to thank everyone. I’m happy with the love and support you have shown me. There were days when I thought I would never come back home.

“Sometimes I would find myself crying and praying to God that he opens a way for me to come back home,’’ he said.

Fongo left SA in November last year after receiving an email from a man who identified himself as John Thomas, claiming to be a recruiter for Huilong Technology, a Chinese marketing company supposedly based in Thailand.

He was offered a job as a customer screening specialist in Thailand.

The alleged scammer made him an offer, claiming to have seen his profile on Pnet.

It was only when Fongo arrived in Thailand that he realised something was amiss.

He was illegally taken to Myanmar, and when he got there, he said he was forced to work in a scam that involved targeting wealthy US men.

He left Myanmar after getting another job in Cambodia and it also turned out to be another scam.

Neo Tsoai, a community member who was in charge of the fund-raising initiative for Fongo’s safe return, said he was grateful for the support they received from the public.

Tsoai said they to raise over R40,000 within a week.

“ANC Lejweleputswa region led by chairman Xolile Toki pledged R20, 000 which assisted to cut short the goal.

“The money went to buy his plane ticket and we also had to pay for his overstay because his visa expired around March or so. We also had to pay for other expenses including customs in Thailand,” he said.

After seven months stuck in East Asia, Xolani Fongo, who was stranded in Cambodia after leaving South Africa following a job offer in Thailand which turned out to be a scam, has been finally reunited with his family. Picture: Supplied

Tsoai added that this wouldn’t have been possible without the public’s intervention.

“We appreciate what people with good hearts have done in getting Xolani back…You can never win alone, in life, you can never win alone, you need God, and you need people. Umuntungumuntungabantu,’’ he said.

Tsoai said the remaining balance will go to Fongo’s family upkeep.

“This well help to boost their lives, to close the gap and wipe the misery.”

Meanwhile, Fongo’s family asked for privacy and said he was still traumatised over the ordeal and will need counselling.

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