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Southco Inc., a provider of engineered access solutions, has launched a wireless access system featuring the Keypanion app, an app that lets users wirelessly actuate latches from their smartphones, according to a press release. The app replaces physical keys.

While other remote or electronic access systems require a full security system, the Keypanion app removes that barrier to entry with a setup process as easy as creating an account and connecting a Southco Bluetooth controller to one of many compatible latches.

Access to these latches can also be shared with other accounts so users can be certain that only the right people can unlock their device at all times.

Users can set up their smart access system by downloading the Keypanion app, creating an account and registering any compatible Southco latch.

Users can share access with other accounts from anywhere in the world with the push of a button in the app. They can also set this access to expire after a set period of time to ensure that others only have access when they need it.

As long as a device with the Keypanion app is near the latch, the operator can see if it is open or closed. This status also comes with a timestamp so there is no confusion around when it was last updated.

Users can also view a device’s history for up to 14 days to see which accounts have accessed the device and when.

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