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SP urges citizens to be alert against cyber crimes | #cybercrime | #infosec

Avoid answering video calls from unknown numbers: Sawant

Panaji: Like several other gullible people, even a son of a policeman from Goa has been a victim of sextortion in which he lost around `50,000 to the online scam.

Referring to the modus operandi, police said that a video call through WhatsApp is made from an unknown number by a female. The man answers the call and in between some porn clip is played/or the video is edited with objectionable content. The video conversation is recorded and the same recording is sent to the person demanding to transfer a certain amount to them, failing which they threaten to make the video viral on social media, said police.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Sunita Sawant said that there have been many such cases and urged the public to avoid answering a video call on WhatsApp from an unknown number.

“There have been such cases in Goa and even a son of a policeman has been a victim of this kind of scam and lost `50,000. After his father got to know of it, a complaint was lodged before the police,” said Sawant, while addressing mediapersons at the police headquarters in the city on Thursday on cyber crimes.

She said that cyber crimes are increasing and people must take utmost care while sharing photos/information about themselves on their social media accounts. She also said that Goa police is conducting awareness on cyber crimes. 

Referring to cyber crimes against women, Sawant said that “in 2021- there were 38 complaints pertaining to cyber crimes against women. In 2022- there were 90 such complaints and this year till date there have been 51 complaints. Few days ago there was a case pertaining to a fake account of a lady on a social media platform in which the accused posted objectionable content.”

She said too much presence on a social media account can also attract the attention of online fraudsters wherein they can create a fake account in your name and try to defame or even extort money. Sawant urged social media users to keep photo posts minimal and not to share too much information online.

Sawant also said that the central government agency is keeping a watch over sharing/viewing/circulation of child pornographic content. The information pertaining to such violators is shared by the Centre with Goa police to initiate necessary action against the offenders. Regarding online surfing by children, Sawant said that parents need to be watchful and lock sites which are not useful for minors.

Beware of advertisements on social media sites

Panaji : Beware of advertisements that appear on social media sites offering easy money without doing much work.

One such case is of a youth from Goa who opened multiple bank accounts and gave the account access to persons he did not know, said sources, adding that, the youth even didn’t realise that the bank accounts were being misused by cyber criminals. 

Sources said that the youth claimed that he received commission for every transaction done through those accounts and that he was unaware of the dealings. The matter came to light after the father of the youth became suspicious owing to the increase in spending by his son.

When the man enquired, his son claimed that he is getting commission for renting out his accounts to some people. He probed further and it came to light that around 4 bank accounts were opened and the accounts were used by someone else. Immediately, the man himself got those accounts closed. Police sources said that no complaint was filed however they got to know of the information through reliable sources.

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