Special Ops Iraq Night Raid – americanspecialops.com

http://www.americanspecialops.com/ 2007 – B-roll of Iraqi Special Forces and U.S. Special Forces conducting an operation with night vision to detain known me…

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5 thoughts on “Special Ops Iraq Night Raid – americanspecialops.com

  1. Miyamoto Musashi

    Rangers have been doing HVT kill or capture missions for quite a long time
    now. They were working along side Delta and SF CIF guys during Op Arcadia
    and many other ops, and also were the main force for TF Red (and TF Blue
    later on) during OIF. Also, the DEVGRU operators that were killed in
    Extortion 17 were acting as a QRF for Rangers as they were conducting an
    autonomous HVT raid. It has also been stated by veterans of both SF and the
    75th, that the 75th is years ahead of SF in the DA dept.

  2. commando234167

    yes, rangers do direct action but have only recently started doing hvt
    missions because that is the way to fight this war is to take the terrorist
    cells out

  3. commando234167

    these are green berets. rangers dont conduct hvt missions and dont use the
    gear these guys are wearing, and it says “special forces” which is another
    name for green berets

  4. eliteukforces

    The DoD info at the start says ‘U.S. Special Forces’ which should mean
    United States Army Special Forces but is sometimes used as a general term
    for special operations forces, so who knows?