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One of the most popular sitcoms of its time, That ’70s Show is still beloved today. This is due to the fact that it does a wonderful job of portraying realistic events that occurred in this iconic decade. It also does so while being quite hilarious, which of course is why it is such a successful show at this said juncture. It does a splendid job with not only solidifying the group’s friendships but also with the relationships that transpire.

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Yet, there are a lot of potential couples that sadly do not come to fruition in the series. Although it is nice that Eric and Donna, for example, find a way to have their happy ending, there are other questionable pairings as the show progresses. It is a shame that there are a plethora of similar characters that sadly never reach this step. The show itself is spectacular, but one is left to wonder if it would have been even better if they paired certain characters together.

Alas, fans will never know, but it is still fun to create potential duos.

10 Hyde And Laurie

Hyde and Laurie have a rivalry in the series. They often poke fun at one another through an assortment of burns. Yet, even with this being the case, there sometimes seems to be a bit of chemistry between them.

Although they each possess flaws, they are both witty and have strong personalities. A brief romance between them could have made a lot of sense. The potential seems to be there in the earlier seasons of the show for sure.

9 Michael And Brooke

Although Michael and Brooke do have a romance in the series, as well as a child, it is a shame that this relationship is not officially end game. Thus, it warrants a spot on this list, as they have such a strong connection as it progresses.

It is disappointing that the audience does not get to see much of their relationship, as their contrasting personalities mesh well. She is easily the best woman Michael sees in the series by far.

8 Fez And Danielle

The connection between Fez and Danielle is fun to watch, but it sadly ends after just one episode. This is due to the fact that Kelso sadly is also into her, so it creates a conflict that does not resolve.

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Fez honestly seems to get along with Danielle well, as they both are into fashion and hair. Yet, it just does not comes to fruition. It is a major what-if from the series that could have been fun to explore.

7 Donna And Mitch

For pure comedy alone, a short-term relationship between Donna and Mitch could have been fun to see. It is clear that Mitch has deep feelings for Donna in the series. Donna is also flattered by him at times.

Donna and Eric’s relationship is the heart of the series, yes, but it would have been funny to see these two together while he is away. Nonetheless, it understandably does not occur, but it is fun to think about it at least.

6 Leo And Pam

Leo and Pam are completely different characters. Pam is rich and elegant, while Leo partakes in other hobbies that are quite different. The two of them could have been one of the most random relationships imaginable.

Pam shows in the series that her selection of men is impossible to judge, as she randomly dates Bob out of the blue. Therefore, it would not have been too farfetched for her to end up dating Leo too.

5 Jackie And Charlie

Jackie ends up with Fez in the end, but it really is a reach by the series. Hyde is the best boyfriend she has in the series, but the writers scrap this connection out entirely by the later seasons.

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The end of Charlie’s story on the series also is extremely disappointing. Perhaps pairing him up with Jackie could have allowed him to be a recurring member of the cast. He is a hilarious character who certainly could have done well with more screen time. Jackie bossing him around would have been hysterical too.

4 Randy And Angie

Two characters who appear on the show randomly are Randy and Angie. They both date members of the group that fans are not particularly happy about. Donna and Randy’s relationship is bad because she clearly works better with Eric, while Angie is just another girl Kelso dates.

When seeing how these characters act in the series, the potential of them dating in the series is honestly understandable. They are both intelligent and perhaps their clashing personality types would work well in a relationship.

3 Casey And Laurie

Casey and Laurie definitely are rambunctious characters. Casey’s relationship with Donna is not well-received, as Donna clearly deserves far better than him. Laurie, on the other hand, uses Kelso as a way to lower her boredom and sabotage his relationship with Jackie.

Therefore, these two are perfect for each other. They are both very bad to everyone who runs into their path, so together, they would cause a lot of turmoil. This connection simply makes far too much sense.

2 Hyde And Melissa

The show introduces Melissa in an episode where Hyde is speed dating at the Foreman’s house. Hyde has no interest in the people there, but immediately becomes attracted to Melissa when he sees her.

The two do flirt a good amount and the show alludes to a potential romance between them. Yet, as fast as Melissa joins the show, she is just as quickly gone. It is a real shame, as the two clearly have a great connection in their episode together.

1 Fez And Fenton

A reach, perhaps, but Fez and Fenton’s rivalry dynamic makes them seem like a potential good couple. They bicker a lot and claim to dislike one another, but truthfully, these two are way too similar not to date.

Fenton is a very funny character, much like Fez. Therefore, him possessing a larger role through a relationship with Fez definitely is an intriguing thought for fans to have.

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