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SINGAPORE: Kaspersky Labs, a multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider from Russia, is one of the companies recently recognized by the Singapore Police Force for partnership in tackling cybercrime. Kaspersky is one of 14 private companies to receive the Alliance of Public Private Cybercrime Stakeholders (APPACT) Appreciation Award.

The SPF CyberCrime Command established the APPACT to exchange information about suspicious cybercrime activities and the most recent trends among the various partners. Kaspersky joined APPACT last year.  The company has supported the police’s efforts in detecting and preventing cybercrime. It has shared technical expertise and threat intelligence data with SPF. The company’s CEO, Mr Eugene Kaspersky, accepted the award in the presence of SPF’s key officials and thanked SPF APPACT for the honour it was given.

“We are honored to have won an APPACT Appreciation Award for the second year running. The award recognizes our ongoing mission to build a safer world through partnerships across the global cybersecurity ecosystem – with both the public and private sectors plus national law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The most effective approach in building such a safer world and deterring cybercrime is through collaboration. We will continue to share our experience, expertise and technical findings to combat cybercrime worldwide, and we are proud to collaborate with the Singapore Police Force in this great cause,” he said.

The other companies that received the award are United Overseas Bank, OCBC Bank, Carousell, Google Asia Pacific, Meta, TikTok, Trend Micro, Microsoft, Group-IB, Blackpanda, Fazz (Xfers), and Lazada, Palo Alto Networks.

Earlier in 2023, researchers from Kaspersky reported on a new mobile Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaign called “Operation Triangulation.” The operation specifically sought to victimize iOS devices via iMessage with a previously unknown malware. Experts with the company exposed the spyware implants in detail and warned the public about the threat. Importantly, Kaspersky also released a utility aimed at finding this particular infection.

Mr How Kwang Hwee, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Investigation and Intelligence) and concurrently Director, Criminal Investigation Department, said: “Over the years, we have seen successful collaborations between the SPF and our partners, including in the areas of investigations, raising of public awareness on cybercrime and conducting sharing or training for other law enforcement counterparts in the region. The Police are grateful to our APPACT partners for their continued support and we look forward to many more collaborations with the APPACT partners in the fight against cybercrime.” /TISG

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