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Springfield Public Schools upgrade safety with fencing, cameras, more | #schoolsaftey

The list of safety upgrades ongoing at Springfield Public Schools includes nearly impossible-to-miss projects such as playground fencing and gymnasium-sized storm shelters.

Other changes, including protective film being applied to 14,000 ground-floor windows, are harder to spot.

Rick Carpenter, executive director of operations, said work to reinforce the glass so it is harder to shatter and to gain entry into a building started in late July at the high schools.

“We are right on schedule with the protective glass film,” he said.

Funding for much of the work, which started this summer, will come from the $220 million bond issue approved by voters in April.

Rick Carpentr

It includes nearly $7 million for safety upgrades including security cameras, door and roof sensors, alarms and the protective film that prevents glass from shattering.

“We’ve been moving very, very quickly this summer on these safety and security projects because we know that is a high priority for us,” he said.

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